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Droid.Farm checksum calculator

Droid.Farm is a software-hardware platform that, due to data multiplexing, unites several devices via RS-232 (the data exchange interface standard between two devices) into one UART network, allowing all devices in the network to communicate simultaneously using one channel. Network transmission speed: 115200 bps, data bits: 8 bits, parity: no, stop bits: 1 (1 stop bit), single message length up to: 512 bytes, multiplexing: 1800 bytes, protocol: NMEA 0183. The checksum is simple, just an XOR of all the bytes between the $ and the * (not including the delimiters themselves), and written in hexadecimal. For this to work you'll need to be using a browser that supports JavaScript and DHTML (most modern browsers do).

Command: $*
With checksum:$FLOW,0.00,99.86,34436.00,95.00,100.00,160.00*10

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